Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!

We are off to Tim's dads house tonight. Tomorrow morning we go to my mom and dad's and then to Tim's mom's/aunts house. We already exchanged our gifts with each other and Mod since we will be gone all day tomorrow. We also gave the dogs and cats their gifts, the cats are already playing with their new mice and have them spread all over the house. We got the dogs these huge loofah dogs, they are almost as big as them. Boston looks hilarious carrying his, he trips over it. I cannot wait until the day we can stay home on Christmas and everyone comes to our house. This will happen once we have kids, that way people can come to us. We usually end of driving all day and use a tank of gas. It is so exhausting too and we usually get home late and everything gets piled in the living room and then come Wednesday morning we are back off to work. Sometimes I wonder why we have a day off because I am more tired afterwards than if I would have just worked! We are having 40 people over on Saturday for my family Christmas party, so that doesn't leave us much time to get everything situated and in it's place from Christmas. I am a neat freak so I will be cleaning like a mad woman. We are dressing the dogs up of course - Boston is a reindeer and Bristol is Mrs. Claus. I will post pics after Christmas. I cannot wait for everyone to see them! Sue was with me when I bought them and told me she has to see them.

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