Sunday, December 2, 2007

hunting season is over!

I am glad this week is over. Tim took Monday and Tuesday off work to go hunting and has hunted after work everyday except for Wednesday. He got a 4 point buck on Monday. Mod went with him after school and he liked it. Jake got a deer yesterday so he got to see that. Rosis spent the night last night and Tim just took him home.
Last Friday night Kris and Curt were here from out of town (our good friends) so we went to Coshocton and ate at The Old Warehouse and then went back to Kris's parents and they played beer pong. Tim got drunk and I had to drive home at 2am! Tim's work Christmas party was last Saturday and he got drunk and so did Dick so I had to drive everyone home! (Tim drank more these 2 nights then he did all year!) LOL The party was a lot of fun -they had a DJ so we danced.
I have spagehetti cooking and it is almost done. This is my 2nd time making my mom's homemade spaghetti sauce - and it is tasty! Much better this time than my 1st time. Mod loves spaghetti - it is his favorite American food.

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