Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tim chickened out

Tim did not dress up for my Christmas party, he wore his normal tie and button down. He kept telling everyone how I didn't tell him there was a disco theme otherwise he would have dressed up. We had fun, although Tim said it wasn't as eventful as last year. Of course he wore his tie around his head again this year and danced with my boss. I always tell him not to get me fired. :P Everyone loves him because he is fun. There was a picture taken of him and one of the other ladies (and she tied a tie around her head) dancing in sync. It was hilarious! We did a gift exchange after the party with our friends who moved here from Wales (I got her a job at my company)and we listened to everyone (try to) sing karoaki. Tim fell asleep around 2am and I had to wake him up to take him back to our room. A few of us stay up late and talk by the fireplace in the lobby, which is where we were when Tim fell asleep. (AND HE SAYS I GO TO BED EARLY)
It is hard to believe Christmas is 1 week away! I am ready - gifts wrapped and all. Our lights keep going out on our tree - when I shake it a little they light back up so who knows what happened. The animals like to play under it so they probably knocked a cord lose. It drives me crazy knowing some of the lights are out. Tim thinks I am nuts (what is new).

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