Sunday, December 9, 2007

The weekend is never long enough! :(

This weekend flew by. Yesterday Tim went Christmas shopping with the guys and I went out to lunch and shopping with his mom. They were supposed to go to Columbus but since Mark works for the county and it was freezing rain they ended up going to Canton instead. Suzie and I actually saw them at Best Buy (what are the odds)! Canton was crazy, idiots everywhere. You know it's bad when you almost get ran into in the parking lot! Suzie and I went to lunch at Fridays, then we shopped. That is always fun. When I was leaving Canton I called my mom & dad and they just so happened to be going to dinner so I met them at The Outback for dinner. I ran into Dan & Jamie there and we ended up getting a seat in the "first come first serve" area because the people behind them were leaving about 5 minutes after we got there and they told us it was a 60-65 minute wait. We got lucky!
Today I did not leave the house, I did laundry and cooked dinner. I have been surfing the internet - there is a site I just love. It allows you to sell & trade your old or unwanted stamping/scrapbooking supplies. I posted a few things today and also ordered some things from SU for a lady I met on there awhile back. If you are a scrapper you gotta check it out!

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