Monday, September 29, 2008

motorcyle trip

Our trip through the mountains of WV & VA was this past weekend. There were 10 bikes total. It ended up raining pretty much the whole time. The sun finally came out yesterday for about 2 hours once we were almost to Ohio. (of course!) I wasn't really cold, I had on plenty of layers! We wore our rain suits almost the whole time so we didn't get wet either. The 1st day we rode to Covington, VA where we spent the night at the Holiday Inn Express. We walked down the hill to dinner at a little place called Belly Up. The food was pretty good, cheap too. After dinner Roger went and bought tons of beer, wine, & chips. He came to our door w/ the biggest box full of stuff, it was so funny. He even got plastic cups! For those who do not know Roger, he is a guy that we met on our cruise. He lives in Richmond, VA. He drove to OH to meet us to drive back to VA. He had to work Sunday so he drove straight home from the hotel. Mod went with us on this trip last year, so I really missed him this year! It just wasn't the same. I could have done without the rain too. Last year it was 85 & sunny and we went a week later even. You just never know about the weather. My whole body hurts right now, I think I am going to take some ibuprofin before bed.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

My Birthday

If you didn't know, Thursday was my Birthday. Tim planned for my parents & his dad & Maureena to meet us at Red Lobster (they had endless shrimp) YEAH!!! Well, I decided that morning that I was taking off work early so we could eat dinner at a decent time, but...Tim already had this "surprise" planned so it really didn't do me any good! LOL He always does stuff like that, he is too cute! He got me the Harley down vest & jeans that I wanted & Tim & Maureena got me a Harley sweatshirt (from TN!) that I wanted as well. We are celebrating with my family on the 13th at the lake.

Yesterday we went to the OSU game - my 1st one ever!!! Tim got awesome tickets 25 rows up and we only paid $30 total (the ticket value was $62 each)! WOOHOOOO It was fun. We met up w/ Sherri & Roger & we got to meet their little boy Aaron - he is so cute!!!! I got to hold him & we got some pictures with them. After the game we met them at The Cheesecake Factory for dinner - and it was not even my idea! HA HA I love that place. They sang HB to me & wrote HB to you on my cheesecake plate & sprinkled sprinkles on it too. We also ran into Dave P & his dad at the game (more friends of Tim's sister Angel). It was a fun day!! Then we shopped - Tim's favorite.

This morning when I read my e-mail I got a message from Mod!!!!! I am so happy, I cried when I read it! Here it is:

Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday to you Jaclyn..

Happy Birthday Mom, I know u thought that I might be forget.
Hope all the thing you want would be come true and u always have a beautiful life.
Sorry Mom for being late, I didn't do on purpose. Cause I don't have internet service in my home and my school so I must go to the internet rent to use internet service.
And my full time at school like I told u just make me sometimes forget to communicate to you. I am sorry Mom.

I miss u mom, also Tim. Even bristol and Bosten too. When I type this email, it is just easy for me to gather all the things again about last year.

Mom, could u also give my warm regard for grandpas and grandmas over there and all of the family. I miss them also.
Say 'Hi' too for Bristol, Bosten, Jersey, and Kolby.

I am still on my promise and dream to go back to USA, especially Ohio. I love u all Neff family. Sorry again Tim and Jaclyn for not gave u my information before. I hope u understand my condition.

This makes me really miss him!!!! So, if you are family and reading this you will appreciate the message from him.