Friday, December 14, 2007

Christmas party

Tomorrow night is my work Christmas party. I am really looking forward to it. It is at Atwood Lodge and our president pays for 1/2 our room fee so everyone always stays over night. It is a very formal party, although this year the theme is "disco". Tim thinks he is dressing like a pimp but it is not looking good at this point being it is 9pm Friday night and he still doesn't have anything! DARN :P Mod is spending the night with the Ott's and the dogs are going to Mark & Steph's house for the night. The lodge has the best breakfast ever which is also included in the room price. I love going in the pool and hot tub on Sunday morning. I really could use the hot tub because my back and neck have really been bothering me (ever since my accident I have never been the same). We are supposed to get a pretty bad snow storm tomorrow and Sunday so we plan on taking Tim's truck. In case you are not familiar with Atwood it is out in the middle of no where. Stay tuned to see if Tim really dressed for the disco party or not...

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