Sunday, January 6, 2008

Happy New Year!

I cannot believe we are in the 2nd week of January already. We leave for our 7 day cruise on Sunday January 13th. I am so excited! We just have to pack yet, which I hate to do too early. We already booked out excursions - swimming with the dolpins in Cozumel, Mexico and in Grand Cayman we are touring the city of Hell, visiting the turtle farm (I HAVE TO), touring the rum cake factory, and swimming with the sting rays. At Key West and Montiego Bay we will relax and see what we can get into on our own. We fly out of Pittsburgh so we are spending the night there on Saturday night since our flight leaves at 6:45am! The hotel offers free shuttles to and from the airport plus we can park our car there while we are gone. That is a huge savings. Mod will stay with Dan & Jame and the dogs will most likely stay with Step & Mark. This is our first cruise, Tim wants to do the Alaskan one next. So maybe we will book that one for next year.
Yesterday was Angel's Birthday. We all went out to dinner (late lunch) with some people in the family. It is hard to believe it was here already. I miss her so much. We even heard I'm Bringing Sexy Back on the radio on the way home from there. Tim and I just looked at each other and started singing. I will never forget the day she sang that in our car at the top of her lungs (she was loopy from her meds). It was hilarious!!!

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Amy said...

Your cruise sounds like so much fun! :) Have a wonderful, safe trip.

I miss Darlene too. I can just see her singing Sexy Back...sounds like her! :) I'm glad your family was able to spend time together on her birthday.