Saturday, January 26, 2008

Back to reality :(

Well, we have been home a week now! :( The weather was beautiful, in the mid 80's most of our trip. The views were amazing and it was the most relaxing vacation I have ever been on. We have decided that cruising is the way to go. We pre-booked an Alaskan cruise for next summer already. (we are addicted to cruising) :P We met some of the nicest people! I loved getting to meet people from all over. We now have friends in NY, Chicago, VA, NJ, MN, etc. The people we met from VA are originally from Ireland, so that was really cool. My favorite part of the trip was swimming with the stingrays and going to the turtle farm. Tim's favorite part was swimming with the dolphins. I absolutely loved The Cayman Islands!! I told Tim I am going to move there and work at the turtle farm. I loved it. We got to hold the baby turtles and everything. I could have spent a whole day there just ooing over the turtles.(in case you didn't know I am a turtle freak!)My least favorite was Montego Bay, Jamaica. I never want to go back there. It was dirty and I felt unsafe. Needless to say we were back to the ship around 11:00 that day! Tim tried to tell me but I had to see if for myself.
Since we are back to reality and back to work this week, not to mention the cold weather - it stinks! :P I have been so busy at work that the week flew by - thank goodness. I was up in Tallmadge 2 whole days which was nice since I had been out of the loop up there for a week while we were gone. I had to fire the girl that worked up there so we are back to square one for the 4th time. There is no work ethic anymore, it is unreal. We will be in Tallmadge for at least another 30 days but I would say more. I have hired 2 new gals so we will see what happens.

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