Friday, July 4, 2008

Niagara Falls

We ended up leaving Friday night instead of Saturday to beat the rain. We didn't get stuck in any rain until we hit Buffalo, and that was just a 2 minute down pour. It was really nice Saturday while we were in Niagara. The rest of the bikes met us there, although more than half the group cancelled because of the possibility of rain. :( Wimps - ha ha ha!
Mod left on Tuesday. He was taking pictures out the car window and said those were his last pictures. :( None of his bags were overweight and they didn't charge him to take a 2nd which I am surprised but glad because he was bumming that it would cost him so much. They have changed everything since we flew at the end of April. It is ridiculous! He went to Washington DC from here for orientation and to talk to the congressmen (sounds boring to me). He was due to fly out today for Indonesia - he had a layover in Germany. I know he really missed his family and they missed him! He said his mom screamed when he called to tell her when he was coming home. I know we will miss him and he will miss us. The dogs miss him, especially Boston! He looks so sad every morning when he goes into his room and then comes out and lays in the door way waiting for Mod. AWWWW poor baby.
Happy 4th of July!

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