Sunday, June 22, 2008

doing better!

Look at that, 2 posts in 1 month, I am getting better! LOL We are getting ready for our motorcyle trip to Niagara Falls. We leave Saturday morning and will return Sunday night. Mod leaves July 1st so we have been getting ready for that too. He has been packing, and weighing his luggage, and unpacking, and packing some more.....said he is overweight on both bags....probably cheaper than shipping it so.... He is getting excited now, all I see him doing is looking at his luggage. We had his going away party last Saturday, we had a good time and a good turnout. He mostly got money, which he needed so he can pay for his overweight luggage. We had cornhole tournaments which were fun.
Tim is out on the bike today, I opted to stay home and be lazy! I have been making cards and doing laundry all day. It is nice to stay home!

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