Saturday, June 7, 2008

slacking again!

I know I haven't posted in a while! Well, Mod leaves at the end of June so we are having a going away party next weekend. In order to prepare for that, we have got tons of dirt and gravel to fill in our new walkway to the house from the garage and also the area alongside the house where Tim tore out all the extra concrete from where there used to be a garage when the house was first built. Today he planted grass seed and cleaned out the spouting. I am hoping it doesn't rain too much to give the grass a chance to grow before it gets washed away. We still need a lot more gravel though to fill in the drieway because we only put a truckload down last fall.
This week I had to put 2 new tires on my car, as the 2 front ones were "non repairable"! I kept telling Tim they were losing air so he would just pump them up and tell me I am crazy. (go figure) LOL Then yesterday, the power steering went out on his truck and I will soon need back brakes and rotors. Good thing he can do all the work, that will save us a lot of money!
Last night we went out and bought a window air conditioner for our bedroom. We have central air but being an older house it stays a lot warmer upstairs. Even after having our house insulated and sided plus new windows we still needed it. After 2 90 degree days we decided to get one. I think it will really help and may keep most of the upstairs cool. I just turned it on tonight, so we shall see.
We are getting ready for our big bike trip to Niagara Falls. We leave June 28th. There are 18 bikes going as of right now. It is a 6 hour trip. I will be bored as it is all highway and no scenery so Tim said I should get an IPOD. I got a nano. I only have 1 song on it right now so hopefully I can get it ready within a few weeks so I can take it on the trip. I am excited, I have not been the Niagara since 6th grade!

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