Saturday, October 18, 2008


Yep, he is 30 today....he thinks the world is ending! LOL He is telling everyone he is 29 and now goes backwards from there. I am having sloppy joes and a cornhole tournament for him today, just something small. It's not a surprise because I couldn't do that and still have it here at the house. Our friends and family are coming, and the weather is supposed to be decent so it should turnout well. He is getting a tattoo - those who know him know he is deathly afraid of needles, so this should be GOOD! HA I told him his life insurance is all paid up....LOL I know he will pass out, he passes out when they give him a shot of novacaine at the dentist. What is he thinking! Everyone please send him an e-mail about how over the hill he is! When I ordered the cake I told the lady something over the hill & she said you call 30 over the hill....I said he thinks it is....!!! She thought I was crazy. I have been teasing him all morning that I am going to trade him in for a younger husband! LOL This should be a fun day. My sister turned 30 in July so I know she is really going to give him a hard time as he did her.

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