Thursday, April 3, 2008

April already!

I can't believe it is April already. We will have owned our house for 5 years come April 5th. It is hard to believe. In case anyone didn't know, Tim has been going to the chiropractor 2-3 times a week. His back was bothering him for a while and he finally went. Hopefully he never has to have surgery. He said he feels better, but then last week he thought he may have had a kidney stone so maybe the pain was from that. Who knows but he is still going. Since he broke his back some years ago and he refuses to go easy he is always in pain (although he never complains and refuses to see a doctor). It must be a Neff thing!! LOL
It is almost motorcyle time! I cannot wait. We just need a luggage rack in order for Boston to ride with us. Tim said I have to buy that since this was my idea (like I know what I need). Maureena will help me. Our friends Dan & Jamie rode over the other day and had their mini doxie Honey on the bike. She looked so cute and seemed to love it. As soon as I saw them out front I was yelling to Tim that she was riding! He thinks I am nuts. I am sure we are going to put a lot of miles on the bike this summer! Now that we have our leathers and more experience as Harley riders we are gonna have a blast! We have a trip planned to Niagara Falls and VA/WV already. I really want to do a covered bridge tour too so hopefully we can do that. The last weekend I am working until Fall is next weekend.
Our Florida trip is coming - we leave April 23rd. I am ready for the beach. I have lost 20-21 pounds on my diet that I started last year so I can now fit into my clothes I have in garbage bags in the closet. It feels so good!! Tim started me on this diet thing but he cheats too much! He laughs at me when I say I don't want a bun w/ my burger or hot dog but hey it is working! I eat whatever I want for dinner usually but less of it.
This past weekend I went to a scrapbooking expo in Columbus with Jenny, her sister in law, and my friend Michelle. Afterwards we went to every scrapbook store in Columbus. We had a blast. I left home at 7am and did not get home until around 11pm. We shopped until we dropped! On Sunday I played with some of my new stuff. Of course I bought some more stamps!! I am addicted. There is a crop for cancer next week that I will probably do because of the cause. Before too long it will be too nice outside to scrapbook/stamp!

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