Monday, June 22, 2009

Vacation time!

We leave for our Alaskan cruise Thursday! I cannot wait. A lot has happened here & we are in need of some time away, so this came at a perfect time! We are going with Tim's dad & Maureena. I just checked out the weather and it's going to rain! :( So, gonna have to pack my umbrella. We plan on going whale watching & we are taking a train ride into the mountains.We will have about a day on our way to the ship to spend in Seattle & a day when we get back so we are taking full advantage of that too. I have heard Seattle is a great city. We have to be there anyway, so why not check out the sights. We must go to the fish market, so I am told! I hope we can catch a fish! Will post when we return! (unless we decide to stay!) ;)

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