Sunday, April 5, 2009

I did it

Well, I finally took the plunge & tried out for 2 design teams. I am so excited, and really hope I make it. It would be a dream come true!! I was also offered to teach a card class at a scrap/stamp store about 50 miles from home. I talked to the store owner last week & am just waiting for the e-mail to finalize things. If she agrees to my prices, etc I will have my 1st class on May 2nd! I made 12 cards this weekend plus some little bunny baskets for the girls at work. I still managed to cook dinner, do dishes & laundry! And, yesterday my parents & sister came down. The guys went golfing while we shopped. Well, we really spent 3 hours looking for my keys because I lost them at the mall! :( I got a phone call at dinner from the mall security, and they found my keys! YEAH! I don't ever lose things, so this in unusual for me. We couldn't get in the house or anything so we went back to the mall & kept looking for them until the guys got home. We then went to dinner at The Yard - my mom & dad love that place! (so do we) We then went grocery shopping. I bought my very first ham! Yep, we are having Easter at our house. We might have around 15 people. I am a horrible cook so this should be fun!!!

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